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H Elzein, T Dandres, A Levasseur, R Samson (2019) How can an optimized life cycle assessment method help evaluate the use phase of energy storage systems, Journal of Cleaner Production 209, p. 1624-1636, doi:

Cécile Bulle, Manuele Margni, Laure Patouillard, Anne-marie Boulay, Guillaume Bourgault, Vincent De Bruille, Viêt Cao, Michael Hauschild, Andrew Henderson, Sebastien Humbert, Sormeh Kashef-Haghighi, Anna Kounina, Alexis Laurent, Annie Levasseur, Gladys Liard, Ralph K Rosenbaum, Pierre-olivier Roy, Shanna Shaked, Peter Fantke, Olivier Jolliet (2019) IMPACT World+: a globally regionalized life cycle impact assessment method, The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, doi:10.1007/s11367-019-01583-0

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Anne-Marie Boulay, Lorenzo Benini, Serenella Sala (2019) Marginal and non-marginal approaches in characterization: how context and scale affect the selection of an adequate characterization model. The AWARE model example, The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, url, doi:10.1007/s11367-019-01680-0

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M Sansa, A Badreddine, T Ben Romdhane, J F Menard, S Russo-Garrido () A new approach for sustainable design scenarios selection- Part two: Case study within a Tunisian company- Batteries design, Journal of Cleaner Production (Submitted)

Laure Patouillard, Pierre Collet, Pascal Lesage, Pablo Tirado Seco, Cécile Bulle, Manuele Margni (2019) Prioritizing regionalization efforts in life cycle assessment through global sensitivity analysis: a sector meta-analysis based on ecoinvent v3, The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, p. 1-17, doi:10.1007/s11367-019-01635-5

Katrine Turgeon, Gabrielle Trottier, Christian Turpin, Cécile Bulle, Manuele Margni (2019) Empirical characterization factors assessing the effects of hydroelectricity on fish richness across three large biomes, bioRxiv, p. 678383, pdf, doi:10.1101/678383

Anders Bjørn, Sarah Sim, Henry King, Patrick Keys, Lan Wang-Erlandsson, Sarah Cornell, Manuele Margni, Cecile Bulle (2019) Challenges and opportunities towards improved application of the planetary boundary for Land-system change in life cycle assessment of products, Science of the Total Environment 696, p. 133964

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Linda Ager-Wick Ellingsen, Holland Alex, Drillet Jean-Francois, Peters Willi, Eckert Martin, Concepcion Carlos, Ruiz Oscar, Colin Jean-Franois, Knipping Etienne, Pan Qiaoyan, Wills Richard G A., Majeau-Bettez Guillaume (2018) Environmental Screening of Electrode Materials for a Rechargeable Aluminum Battery with an AlCl3/EMIMCl Electrolyte, Materials 11(6), p. 936, url, doi:10.3390/ma11060936

M.-L. Arpin, S Lefèvre (2018) Retour réflexif sur un projet de recherche partenariale: Entrevue avec Jean-Pierre Revére, Recherche Sociographique

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