Pole of Excellence


The Agri-Food Pole of Excellence aims to develop skills in the analysis of complex and innovative agricultural systems. It involves systemic coverage of biomass sustainability issues, sustainable food, food system eco-efficiency assessments, the application of advanced tools and methods (SIG, traceability) for the development of data sets and methodologies, communication and dissemination, as well as the participation and involvement in committees, consultation groups, and R&D groups. 


  • Study and analysis of agricultural and food production systems and modes
  • LCA and eco-design of agro-food products and bio-based materials
  • LCA of technologies for organic matter recovery, processing and valorization
  • Methodological development for impact assessment
  • External critical review
  • Training in LCA of agricultural and bio-based products
  • Scientific conference and general public conference
Dominique Maxime

lead analyst

Dominique’s expertise is on agriculture, agri-food, bioproducts and bioenergy, issues and methodological aspects related to these products and systems. He is also working on/with Input-Output data and hybrid IO-LCA analysis and their application, e.g. for territorial LCA, or for assessing the impacts from procurements by an organisation. Within the CIRAIG, he is also involved in quality control and management, and the revision of LCA studies. He authored, co-authored, or is currently involved in several LCA studies and projects