L’analyse de cycle de vie : un outil stratégique


This master’ s thesis aims to document and analyze business case studies to identify the ways in which companies use life cycle analysis to support their business strategy and to manage their strategie issues. To do this, an independent case analysis was conducted on three companies and a cross-synthesis analysis was conducted to obtain a better overview of the potential use of strategie life cycle analysis. In overall, the results suggest that LCA can be used to support competitive business differentiation strategies as well as strategie risk management. In addition, the results reveal that LCA can provide interesting business opportunities and can contribute to the development of a circular business model. About the LCA methodology, in sorne situations, the companies are developing their own LCA methodology and incorporating it into a broader tool to using it for strategie. In addition, it seems that to perceive, develop and mas ter the strategie potential of LCA, it requires a lot of financial resources and time.