pole of excellence

The Energy pole of excellence was created in 2018 to consolidate the energy-related knowledge gathered from CIRAIG’s recent LCA studies on electricity generation, natural gas supply chains, liquefied natural gas, natural renewable gas, biofuels, oil products supply chain, coal supply chains, solar PV, wind energy, energy storage systems (hydraulic pump, Li-ion batteries, hydrogen), hydrogen, heating systems, electric passenger vehicles, and marine transports.


Our energy team

Pierre-Olivier Roy

lead analyst

Pierre-Olivier Roy is CIRAIG’s Lead Analyst for the Energy Pole of Excellence. He has worked on several projects related to the energy sector including the Quebec Government Environmental Strategic Assessment on shale gas, the comparison between different natural gas and coal supply chain for electricity generation in Europe and Asia, the Quebec study comparing electric and conventional vehicles, and many other studies.


The Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment online course will teach you about life cycle thinking, how to embrace a systems view, and how to calculate and interpret the environmental footprint of a product, service or technology.