Sustainable Infrastructure

pole of excellence

The Sustainable Infrastructure Pole of Excellence aims to implement life cycle thinking for the design of sustainable infrastructure such as carbon-neutral buildings, bridges, roads and other civil and architectural projects. The life cycle perspective is a key element in environmental certifications for buildings (such as LEED or Zero Carbon Building Standard) or Environmental Product Declarations.


Professional Training

The development of more sustainable infrastructure is at the heart of our societies’ objectives, as outlined for example in goals 9 and 11 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this context, more and more building certifications such as LEEDv4 or the zero-carbon building standard are based on life cycle thinking for some of their evaluation criteria. Such an approach notably allows a better distinction between the potential environmental or social impacts of a building according to the different stages of its life cycle, in particular the distinction between intrinsic and operational impacts. It thus makes it possible to promote more informed decision-making, whether in the design of a building or its renovation.

with François Saunier

Our Sustainable Infrastructure Team

François Saunier

lead analyst

François Saunier is lead for the projects related to circular economy. He authored, co-authored, or is currently involved in several LCA studies and projects. François Saunier has also worked in the development of several courses on LCA and sustainable production and regularly participates in graduate students training.