Jérôme Lavoie presents his work at the seminars for young researchers in ISE at UQAM. Micro- and nanoplastics in LCA: Development of an effect factor to quantify their physical impact on aquatic life Jérôme Lavoie, M.Sc. graduate in environmental sciences October 8, 2020 Abstract: Life cycle assessment is a powerful tool when it comes to evaluating the overall environmental impact of a system. However, the models currently used do not adequately consider the impacts of marine debris on the proper functioning of ecosystems. Using existing ecotoxicological data on plastic microparticles, it is possible to quantify a portion of their impacts and thus improve the methods used in life cycle impact assessment. Under the supervision of Cécile Bulle (Strategy, Social and Environmental Responsibility Department, UQAM) and Anne-Marie Boulay (Polytechnique).