Réjean Samson

General Director and Full Professor

Réjean Samson is Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal. He received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering in 1983 in the biofuel sector. He has extensive experience in managing teams of research and managing large research budgets.
His track record includes the position of director of the “Environmental Biotechnology” of the Biotechnology Research Institute (NRC-BRI) and, since his arrival at the Polytechnique Montreal in 1994, he is the main holder of four industrial chairs, two of which NSERC.
He is now the primary holder of one of the largest industrial chairs in Canada (the International Life Cycle Chair) consisting of 14 industrial partners. Since 2001 he is General Director of CIRAIG.
His research concerns the sophistication of the methodology of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), particularly in terms of systems analysis. He is also interested in the integration of economic and social components in the context of LCA. He has published over 150 scientific articles, 120 research papers for private companies and governments, and is coauthor of three patents. He is also the author of over 300 scientific papers in various national and international symposia. He was also director and co-supervisor of 65 MSc students and PhD. He has received several awards including the Governor General’s Academic Medal for his contribution to the environmental sector, and in 2001 in the Phoenix environmental award in the area of innovation for sustainable development. In addition, he is responsible for courses in the Department of Chemical Engineering in the field of bioprocess design sanitation, environmental design and life cycle analysis.

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