ecoinvent3 and the Quebec Life Cycle Inventory Database

The ecoinvent v3 database is significantly different in many ways from older ecoinvent databases and other databases on the market. Also, ecoinvent v3 contains several datasets specific to the Quebec context, from the Quebec Life Cycle Inventory database project. The goal of the training is to allow a customer already able to perform LCAs to understand how ecoinvent v3 works.


Objectives of the training

  • Understand the general functioning of ecoinvent v3, and recognize its specificities.
  • Understand the concept and utility of system models
  • Describe the main differences between the “allocation, cut-off by classification”, “Attributional, allocation at the point of substitution” and “Consequential, long-term” system models.
  • Know the history of the Quebec inventory database project
  • Access Quebec inventory data
  • Describe the process of submitting data to ecoinvent

What you'll learn

  • The ecoinvent center and versions 1 and 2
  • The general operation of ecoinvent v3
  • System models – operation and selection
  • Allocation, cut-off, by classification” model
  • Attributional – Allocation at the point of substitution” model
  • Consequential – long-term” model
  • New data and some details
  • Have values changed?
  • Quebec database project
  • Different ways to access the data
  • Data Submission Process

Who is this training for?

Experienced practitioners and researchers wishing to sharpen their knowledge on the EcoInvent3 database and/or adapt their LCA model to the specificities of the regional context in which they operate.


Regular price

280 $ CAD / person + taxes

Reduced price for students and non-profit organizations

210 $ CAD / person + taxes


Jean-François Ménard

Jean-François is a Senior Analyst, and has participated in numerous LCAs in various sectors, such as aluminum production waste management, municipal waste treatment, electricity distribution, roads pavement and oil sands exploitation. He has an extensive knowledge of the most used LCA software.

Want to offer a customized version of this training for your organization?

Regular Price

280 $

CAD / person + taxes

Reduced Price

for students and non-profit organizations
280 $

210 $

CAD / person + taxes