Innovative eco-design with the C-K method

This training will give you the tools and theory to move from eco-efficiency to eco-innovation, making environmental issues a springboard for innovation in your business. Once an environmental analysis is obtained, there is often a missing piece when it comes to finding creative solutions to environmental problems. We challenge the dominant conception of ecodesign by proposing an innovative approach.


Objectives of the training

What you'll learn

    Part I: Theory

  • Two design regimes in organizations: rule-based design and innovative design.
  • Rule-based ecodesign through an example: advantages and disadvantages.
  • Creativity, cognitive fixation, and innovation processes.
  • Introduction to C-K theory as a tool for innovative ecodesign.
    Part II: Practice

  • Ecodesign Workshop C-K

Who is this training for?

  • Consultants and analysts who want to improve their ability to make innovative recommendations based on the results LCA.
  • Companies that have experience in LCA-based ecodesign and wish to evolve their ecodesign practices.


Regular Price

555 $

CAD / person + taxes

Reduced Price

for students and non-profit organizations
555 $

415 $

CAD / person + taxes

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