Shaping and implementing metrics for sustainability

The International Reference Center for Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Transition (CIRAIG) is a research group and center of expertise on the development and implementation of life cycle and sustainability metrics. Through its cutting-edge research, expert services, and training program, the CIRAIG develops the knowledge and tools necessary for a transition to a sustainable society.

The CIRAIG’s main research unit is the International Research Consortium on Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Transition, which brings together the expertise of two universities in Montreal, Canada: Polytechnique Montreal and UQÀM, as well as HES-SO and EPFL in Switzerland.


inspired by life cycle thinking

Expert services

to support your sustainability initiatives


professional training &
university courses

Life cycle assessment

our expertise

Research in sustainability

life cycle oriented

  • Life Cycle and Sustainability Measures
  • Trajectories for a sustainable transition
  • Supporting decision makers
  • Sustainable consumption

Expert services

to support your sustainability initiatives

Our team of analysts are available to offer specialized services in

  • Life cycle assessment studies (environmental or social)
  • Carbon footprint, water footprint
  • Studies related to the circular economy
  • Support for your sustainable development strategy
  • Development of custom tools and software
  • Training


online and in-person

  • PhD and Masters students
  • Post-doc opportunities
  • Professional Training

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