Professional Training

in Sustainability

The CIRAIG offers a number of professional sustainability trainings, catered to professionals, managers, LCA practitioners, students, professors, and researchers. Our team experts regularly teach group trainings on topics ranging from Carbon footprint + Water footprint, to high-level implementation of life cycle assessment tools on a strategic level, to specific tools for optimizing your LCA methodology. See our Regular Programming for more information. 

These trainings are available on-demand and are organized several times per year by registration in our regular programming. 

Each of our training programs may be personalized and offered privately to your organization. Some of our trainings, like Brightway2 and openLCA are exclusively available on-demand. See our Customized Training for more information. 

Please note that for the time being all of our trainings are exclusively offered online via video-conference.

Regular Programming

Join a group training at our discounted group rates. Scroll down to see dates for our upcoming trainings.

Customized Training

for your organization's needs

Our team experts are available to provide any of our regular offering, customized to your organization’s needs. We can offer these trainings privately to your team. Some of our trainings are available exclusively on-demand: Brightway2 and openLCA. 

The following trainings are exclusively available on-demand:

The purpose of the training is to provide the necessary knowledge to perform life cycle analysis (LCA) on openLCA independently. openLCA is a free and open source open source ACV software. A general knowledge of LCA is required.

with Jean-François Ménard and Laure Patouillard

Brigthway2 is an open source (Python) LCA platform, useful for creating models that go beyond the conventional limits of LCA. The goal of the training is to provide the knowledge needed to start using Brightway2 in your projects. An understanding of LCA and the calculations involved, as well as a basic knowledge of Python is required.

with Maxime Agez