LCA Resources

Serving the LCA community worldwide​

The CIRAIG has been involved in international collaborative projects contributing to the development and advancement of LCA methodology since 2001. 

Some of these key projects led to practical tools such as Open IO Canada and DynCO2, used by many LCA practitioners around the world. Other key projects led to international consensus on methodology, such as the Water Use in LCA (WULCA) project.

Finally, our key projects also aim to consistently improve data quality in life cycle inventory databases, such as the Quebec LCI Database project, and to improve the impact assessment phase of LCA with regionalization , such as Impact WORLD+.

Open source Input-Output LCA model and tool to estimate life cycle impacts of products and services

A database containing information about 17 OECD jurisdictions using and promoting life cycle approaches in their public policies.

Integrating potential environmental impacts of marine litter into LCA

A group project on the assessment of use and depletion of water resources within LCA

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