About the CIRAIG

The CIRAIG is an internationally recognized center of expertise on life cycle and sustainability metrics located in Montreal, Canada with 20 years of applied experience, firmly grounded in science.

Created in 2001, the International Reference Centre for Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Transition (CIRAIG) is a center of expertise recognized worldwide for its work and initiatives built on a solid scientific foundation and more than fifteen years of applied experience. The CIRAIG supports industries, governments, organizations and consumers in their path towards a true sustainable development supported by life cycle thinking. Its research and expert services focus on the development, implementation and expansion of tools related to life cycle assessment, the circular economy, the analysis of trajectories towards carbo-neutrality and the analysis of complex systems to inform decision making.

The CIRAIG mission

With a focus on responsible production, consumption and governance, the CIRAIG aims to develop, interpret and integrate the knowledge and tools to implement life cycle thinking towards sustainable development.

Our management team