CIRAIG Alumni Network

for past students and employees

The CIRAIG Alumni Network is a community to reconnect with former colleagues who were a part of the CIRAIG at any time since it began in 2001. PhD and Masters graduates, interns, analysts and professors are all welcome to exchange with the community and participate in our events.




After 20 years, 3 research chairs, many students, analysts and professors, the CIRAIG has a long line of people who have shaped its mission and values over the years. Whether you have studied or worked at the CIRAIG, you know that there is a special community culture, unique to the group, somehow transpiring through the years. The CIRAIG culture strengthens with time, even as the personnel changes and evolves. The people who have come through the CIRAIG then go out in the world to be active citizens and often contribute to responding to sustainability challenges in various capacities.

As we celebrate our 20 years and reflect on all of the people who have contributed to the CIRAIG, we have thought of creating a space for all of us to reconnect. A space to keep strong ties with former colleagues and for the CIRAIG to give back to its community. As an alumni, this network will be an opportunity to connect with old friends, learn from experts and collaborate with new connections.

The CIRAIG Alumni Network is a community of former “ciraigaulois·es” to reconnect with one another, to stay in the loop on the CIRAIG’s current research, and a space for cultivating rich exchanges for a sustainable transition.​

How does it work?

Through an online forum: Facebook Group, as well as during our in-person and virtual events. The Facebook Group is a space for exchanges, sharing relevant events and opportunities. All are encouraged to participate and post in the group. The CIRAIG will post once per month with an update on the events coming up.

The Alumni will have access to the CIRAIG’s internal monthly Midi Dialogues, one Thursday per month, in the style of a lunch and learn with external experts in the sustainability field. The Alumni will also get access to our quarterly Apéro scientifique event, where CIRAIG members celebrate their recently published articles in scientific journals, giving us a quick presentation of the paper and its conclusions.

Lastly, once per year, a 5 à 7 Alumni will be held to exchange in a relaxed social setting and catch up with old colleagues and friends.

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