Launch of CIRAIG’s new brand identity


Montreal, QC

The CIRAIG is officially launching its new brand identity today! The result of several months of reflection and work, this new branding gives the CIRAIG an identity in line with its renewal, modernity and dynamism. 

The CIRAIG, while keeping the same initials, changes its name to become International Reference Center for Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Transition. This change reflects the fact that the CIRAIG, while remaining anchored in its traditional core business of life cycle assessment, has broadened its scope over time and is now invested in the world of sustainability metrics. The organization is firmly focused on the application of these metrics for a sustainable transition to carbon neutrality. 

This new brand identity is a necessary evolution of the CIRAIG’s brand, in order to update its image in today’s visual landscape and to underline the major changes underway and to come, in order to better project itself into the future. 

According to Prof. Réjean Samson, CIRAIG’s director: “This year marks CIRAIG’s entry into its third decade but also a turning point in its history with the start of two new research units: the launch of the International Research Consortium on Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Transition (EPFL, HES-SO, Polytechnique Montreal and UQAM), and of the Sustainable Consumption Chair, a collaborative project between Polytechnique Montreal and UQAM, which will be launched in the coming months.”

Representative of the road traveled and much appreciated during its 20 years of use, the former CIRAIG logo is therefore getting a makeover.

Logo used for the last 20 yearsLogo 2022

The CIRAIG embraces this change and new image, while recognizing the ground covered under the old brand identity. 

This new branding, which already applies to all CIRAIG communication tools, is now visible on the website

This new visual identity was created by Gaël Dorgère and new website designed by Drea Gideon.

About the CIRAIG

Created in 2001, the International Reference Center for Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainable Transition (CIRAIG) is a center of expertise in life cycle management, recognized worldwide for its work and initiatives built on a solid scientific foundation and more than fifteen years of applied experience. The CIRAIG supports industries, governments, organizations and consumers in their efforts to achieve sustainable development through life cycle thinking. The CIRAIG is a research group and center of expertise in sustainable development and life cycle, located at Polytechnique Montreal and UQAM, and holding an institutional partnership with EPFL and HES-SO in Switzerland.

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Management change at the CIRAIG

Sara Russo Garrido is appointed as CIRAIG’s executive director
François Saunier is appointed as CIRAIG’s deputy executive director

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