Open IO Canada

Open source Input-Output LCA model and tool to estimate life cycle impacts of products and services

Open IO-Canada is a Canadian environmentally extended input-output (IO) model. The role of such a model is to provide insights into the potential life cycle impacts of the production and consumption of commodities in Canada.
It is similar to a Life Cycle Inventory database, except that products are specified in terms of generic commodities and industry output and quantified in Canadian dollars rather than in physical units.
The model is generated from the Canadian supply and use tables (from Statistics Canada) ranging from the years 2014 to 2018, which document what the different Canadian industries produce and purchase from one another.
The model is also linked to emissions of greenhouse gases through the use of physical accounts provided by Statistics Canada and to other various pollutants relying on the National Pollutant Release Inventory.
Open IO-Canada describes the economy of Canada into 492 products, thus offering more detail than typical other IO databases. As supply and use tables from Statistics Canada are provided for each Canadian province, Open IO-Canada also provides provincial detail. The specific economy of each province is thus accessible,as well as their corresponding life cycle emissions.

You can generate the open IO-Canada database through the following repository on Github
or access the basic tables of open IO-Canada directly on Zenodo:

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In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the massive use of medical masks, two life cycle analyses were conducted to evaluate the environmental impacts of end-of-life management of single-use masks used in Quebec, but also of different types of reusable and single-use masks.

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