Robert Legros


Polytechnique Montreal
Robert Legros

Professor Robert Legros is a Chemical Engineering professor at Polytechnique Montreal with a long experience in industrial process development. He was the Chair holder of the Research Chair on Advanced Waste recovery (Chaire de Recherche sur la Valorisation des Matières Résiduelles: CRVMR) from 2015 to 2021. He is a well-recognized expert in the fields of waste and biomass conversion processes, powder technology, multiphase contacting systems, simultaneous heat and mass transfer phenomena, drying and purification systems. Dr. Legros has greatly contributed to the understanding of fundamental aspects involved during gas-solids contacting. His work enables to gain insight into the behavior of complex solids (such as solid waste, biomass and foodstuffs) during various thermal/physical/chemical processing. His innovative modeling approach, combining hydrodynamics behavior, heat and mass transfer phenomena, together with chemical and physical reaction kinetics, has contributed to the development of interesting technologies. 

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