Sara Russo Garrido

Executive Director, Associate professor

Sara Russo-Garrido

Sara Russo Garrido has a background in Political Science and Sociology (B.A.) from Laval University and two master’s degrees, one in International Development (M.Phil.) and another in Environmental Policy (M.Sc.) from Oxford University, where she studied on a Rhodes scholarship.

Sara Russo Garrido first joined the CIRAIG in 2013, as Coordinator of research for social analysis. Since 2022, she is Executive Director of the CIRAIG, as well as Adjunct Professor at the Institut des sciences de l’environnement of UQAM since 2021. She has authored, led, and managed social life cycle assessment (SLCA) studies and analyses related to the inclusion of social aspects in sustainability strategies and corporate social responsibility (CSR), both for the private and public sector. She is a current editor for the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, a Co-Chair of the SLC Alliance initiative, and is an active member of the working group involved in the development of the first ISO standard for S-LCA (ISO 14075). Sara also co-supervises graduate students from UQAM, Polytechnique Montreal and other universities abroad.

Prior to joining the CIRAIG, she worked in the field of CSR and workers’ working conditions, first in Canada, as a policy analyst at the federal government and then as a senior researcher and advisor in trade unions in the United States (SEIU, UNITE HERE), where she led research projects focusing on working conditions in the clothing, hotel, and food service sectors in Asia (India, Indonesia and Bangladesh).

Sara Russo Garrido's Publications

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Sara Russo Garrido (2017) Social Life-Cycle Assessment: An introduction, Encyclopedia of Sustainable Technologies 1, Martin Abraham (ed.), p. 253-265, Elsevier

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