Impact WORLD+

A globally regionalized method for life cycle impact assessment (LCIA)

IMPACT World+ is a globally regionalized method for life cycle impact assessment (LCIA), integrating multiple state-of-the-art developments as well as damages on water and carbon areas of concern within a consistent LCIA framework. Most of the regional impact categories have been spatially resolved and all the long-term impact categories have been subdivided between shorter-term damages (over the 100 years after the emission) and long-term damages.
It is based on a midpoint-damage framework with four distinct complementary viewpoints to present an LCIA profile (See Methodology for more details):
  1. midpoint impacts,
  2. damages impacts,
  3. damages on human health, ecosystem quality, and resources & ecosystem services areas of protection,
  4. damages on water and carbon areas of concerns.
IMPACT World+ enables the practitioner to parsimoniously account for spatial variability and to identify the elementary flows to be regionalized in priority to increase the discriminating power of LCA.

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University of Michigan

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