Using an impact method and interpreting the results of an LCA, from a practitioner’s point of view

As an LCA practitioner, it is sometimes difficult to navigate the different impact methods available and to know how to interpret them. The purpose of this training is to demystify the impact assessment and interpretation phases of LCA in order to better understand how to use the different impact methods and interpret them appropriately. The training takes a practical perspective (not the impact method developer’s perspective) based on the use of the IMPACT World+ regionalized impact methodology.


Objectives of the training

  • Understanding the fundamentals of the LCA impact assessment phase
  • Understand the key similarities and differences between several impact methods
  • Use and interpret a midpoint and damage-oriented impact methodology
  • Using and interpreting a regionalized impact method

What you'll learn

  • Fundamentals of the Impact Assessment and Interpretation Phases in LCA
  • Overview of Several Impact Methods
  • Exercises in the application of impact and interpretation methods based on a case study
  • The fundamentals of regionalization of LCA impacts
  • Exercises in the application of regionalized impact methods and interpretation based on a case study

Who is this training for?

Practitioners, students and researchers wishing to become familiar with impact methods and the interpretation of LCA results.


Laure Patouillard

Laure’s research is on the operationalization of the regionalized life cycle impact assessment method IMPACT World+. She is also in charge of developing CIRAIG’s scientific research and masters and PhD students’ supervision.

Regular Price

555 $

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Reduced Price

for students and non-profit organizations
555 $

415 $

CAD / person + taxes

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