Life Cycle Thinking for Circular Economy Strategies

With the growing interest of organizations in the concept of circular economy, many strategies are put forward to improve the circularity of products or services. But what are the environmental benefits or impacts of these strategies? Is it always better to close the loop? How can the circular economy be anchored more concretely in a context of sustainability? Life cycle thinking, and one of its tools, life cycle assessment, can provide answers to these questions.

Training objectives

  • Take a critical look at circular economy strategies based on life cycle thinking
  • Understand the potential of life cycle assessment (LCA) for evaluating the environmental performance of circularity strategies
  • Compare the use of circularity indicators and environmental indicators to evaluate the performance of circularity strategies

What you'll learn

  • The circular economy and its strategies: a review of basic concepts
  • Role of life cycle thinking in a circular economy context
  • Life cycle assessment of circular economy strategies: applications and examples
  • Indicators of circularity: review and critical analysis
  • Presentation of other life cycle thinking tools useful for the circular economy (material flow analysis, …)

For whom is this training?

Anyone wishing to sharpen their understanding of the contribution of life cycle thinking to serve circular economy strategies (business managers, professors, researchers, students, etc.).


Regular price

320 $ CAD / personne + taxes

Reduced rate for students and NGOs

240 $ CAD / personne + taxes


François Saunier

François Saunier is lead for the projects related to circular economy. He authored, co-authored, or is currently involved in several LCA studies and projects. François Saunier has also worked in the development of several courses on LCA and sustainable production and regularly participates in graduate students training.



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