François Saunier

Deputy Executive Director

Polytechnique Montreal

François Saunier joined the CIRAIG team as a research associate in January 2013. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in chemical engineering from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques (France) and completed a M.Sc. A. in chemical engineering at Polytechnique Montréal in 2012. His research work, under the supervision of Professor Réjean Samson, was conducted on the development of a prospective life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology applied to steel industry.

He has gained substantial experience in performing LCA studies related to several fields, including mining and metals, chemical processes, agribusiness, wood products, and buildings. He is now a senior analyst at CIRAIG. He is also working on/with life cycle cost analysis (LCCA), organisational LCA and material flow analysis (MFA). Within the CIRAIG, he is lead for the projects related to circular economy and sustainable infrastructure. He authored, co-authored, or is currently involved in several LCA studies and projects.

François Saunier has also worked in the development of several courses on LCA and sustainable production and regularly participates in graduate students training.

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