Maxime Agez


Polytechnique Montreal
Maxime Agez

Maxime Agez holds a Ph.D in chemical engineering from Polytechnique Montreal (Canada), as well as a M.Ing in chemistry from École Nationale Supérieure en Arts Chimiques et Technologiques (France). His formation at Polytechnique Montreal gave him detailed knowledge on the main topics of Industrial Ecology: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Input-Output, Hybrid LCA and Material Flow Analysis. Practically, it also helped him develop knowledge on object-oriented programming (Python), web development (Django), software development and a deep understanding of databases of LCA and IO. His formation in France also gave him basic knowledge on organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry and chemical engineering.

In September 2016, Maxime joins CIRAIG as a Ph.D student. He then obtains his Ph.D in September 2020, after which he immediately joins CIRAIG as an analyst. Presently, his work at CIRAIG is focused on the development of data and tools.

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