Brightway2, an advanced software in LCA Research

Brigthway2 is an open source (Python) LCA platform, useful for creating models that go beyond the conventional limits of LCA. The goal of the training is to provide the knowledge needed to start using Brightway2 in your projects. An understanding of LCA and the calculations involved, as well as a basic knowledge of Python is required.


Objectives of the training

  • Install Brightway2, create a project and integrate impact methods and lifecycle inventory databases into it
  • Name, access and manipulate the main Brightway2 objects (activities, exchanges, databases, DART methods, etc.).
  • Perform a life cycle analysis
  • Perform a Monte Carlo simulation for a product system
  • Integrate inventory data into a project, both manually and via an Excel input file

What you'll learn

  • Presentation of the general structure of Brightway2 and its main abstractions (projects, databases, activities, exchanges)
  • Techniques for finding objects (especially activities and exchanges), assigning them to variables and manipulating them via their associated methods
  • Simple LCA calculations (one product, one impact method), with emphasis on the creation and use of the different matrices
  • Extraction of the different matrices and formatting into readable objects
  • Different ways to perform a comparative LCA
  • Integration of uncertainty at the level of a flow
  • Propagation of uncertainties
  • Integration of data programmatically and via Excel files

Who is this training for?

Practitioners, students and researchers with existing knowledge of LCA modeling, in particular the different matrices involved in a stroke calculation, as well as a basic command of the Python programming language.


On-demand Pricing

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