Input Output Databases & Exiobase

Input-Output provides an easy-access to economic an environmental sectoral data, as well as coarse estimates of the effect on the environment of a change in behaviour/policy. The goal of the training is to allow participants to learn how to understand and manipulate Input-Output tables such as Exiobase.

Training objectives

  • Understand what is Input-Output and how it can be used.
  • Present the matrices involved behind Input-Output calculations.
  • Describe how Input-Output tables are compiled.
  • Perform Input-Output calculations.

What you'll learn

  • The basics of Input-Output
  • The matrices behind Input-Output
  • Input-Output’s limitations
  • Making parallels between Input-Output and LCA
  • How to manipulate an existing Input-Output database (Exiobase or Open IO-Canada)
  • How to perform calculations with an Input-Output database
  • How to model final demand scenarios and see their effect on the environment
  • How to extract normalized environmental impacts for all products of an Input-Output database
  • A quick introduction to Python programming can be included to the training

For whom is this training?

LCA practitioners and researchers wishing to expand their knowledge to be able to use Input-Output in their work, either directly with Input-Output or by mixing LCA and Input-Output together in what is called Hybrid LCA.



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