Life cycle analysis for organizations

The objective of this training is to provide an understanding of the scope of life cycle assessment (LCA) (information generated and potential applications) in order to strategically integrate it into a decision-making process. Elements presented: life cycle concept, stages of an LCA according to ISO 14 040 and concrete examples of companies that have integrated life cycle thinking into their practices.

Training objectives

  • Understand the basics of life cycle thinking in a decision making process;
  • Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of LCA as a tool for environmental analysis;
  • Understand the results of a Life Cycle Assessment;
  • Understand the needs that will be faced by a LCA representative in this light.

What you'll learn

  • LCA concepts and principles;
  • LCA application examples;
  • Examples of LCA applications;
  • The procedure of the LCA according to ISO: the 4 phases;
  • Definition of objectives and field of study;
  • Inventory;
  • Impact evaluation;
  • Interpretation.

For whom is this training?

Anyone wishing to sharpen their understanding of life cycle assessment (company managers, professors, researchers, students, etc.).


Regular price

615 $ CAD / personne + taxes

Reduced rate for students and NGOs

460 $ CAD / personne + taxes


Jean-François Ménard

Jean-François is a Senior Analyst, and has participated in numerous LCAs in various sectors, such as aluminum production waste management, municipal waste treatment, electricity distribution, roads pavement and oil sands exploitation. He has an extensive knowledge of the most used LCA software.



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