Understanding Social LCA in a business context

The challenge of social LCA is to identify the potential social impacts arising from the activities of companies involved in the value chain of a product or service, to their stakeholders. More and more public or private decision-makers wish to better understand the consequences of their decisions and to identify avenues for continuous improvement, it therefore appears necessary to also consider the social effects of the choices made (type of investment, choice of suppliers, income distribution, etc.).

Training objectives

  • Understand the relevance of social LCA for organisations who have taken steps towards social responsibility.
  • Understand the categories of stakeholders to take into account.
  • Understand the impact categories to take into account in a social LCA.
  • Understand impact sub-categories to take into account in a social LCA
  • Better understand which data to use to perform a social LCA
  • Better understand the interpretation phase of a social LCA

What you'll learn

  • What is the theoretical basis for Social LCA?
  • Why take into account social impacts (case study)?
  • What are the social impacts that should be taken into account?
  • What is at the root of social impacts in a typical life cycle?
  • Social LCA Methodology

For whom is this training?

Anyone who seeks to increase their knowledge of social life cycle assessment (managers, professors, researchers, students, etc.)


Regular price

320 $ CAD / personne + taxes

Reduced rate for students and NGOs

240 $ CAD / personne + taxes


Sara Russo Garrido

Sara has authored, led, and managed social life cycle assessment (SLCA) studies and analyses related to the inclusion of social aspects in sustainability strategies and corporate social responsibility (CSR), both for the private and public sector. She is a published author in SLCA, is a regular reviewer for the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, and is Co-Chair of the SLC Alliance initiative to review the UNEP-SETAC Guidelines for SLCA.



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