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Quebecers’ diet under the climate change microscope

This special publication of Le Devoir and Unpointcinq exclusively unveils the results of research work conducted by the CIRAIG.

Laure Patouillard and Professor Cécile Bulle, with the help of the Polycarbone team, have examined the diet of Quebecers under the microscope of the climate in order to draw the most accurate portrait to date. Their goal: to help citizens, businesses, cities and governments make more informed choices for the environment. This special publication of Le Devoir and Unpointcinq exclusively unveils the results of this research work conducted by the CIRAIG. Que retrouve-t-on dans l'assiette des Québécois? What does a typical Quebec diet consist of? Quels aliments sont responsables de l'impact de notre propre gaspillage alimentaire? What foods are responsible for our food waste? L'empreinte carbone de nos aliments par étapes The carbon footprint of our diet.

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