Understand, quantify and valorize the Carbon Footprint

In order to meet the challenge of climate change, companies will need to create low-carbon products and services and reduce the carbon footprint of their operations. This training aims to highlight exactly what the carbon footprint is, how to measure it and its role in the fight against climate change.


Objectives of the training

What you'll learn

Who is this training for?

  • Managers wishing to sharpen their understanding of the strategic role of the carbon footprint
  • Practitioners wishing to hone their practical skills in measuring carbon footprints


Regular price

280 $ CAD / person + taxes

Reduced price for students and non-profit organizations

210 $ CAD / person + taxes


François Saunier

François Saunier is lead for the projects related to circular economy. He authored, co-authored, or is currently involved in several LCA studies and projects. François Saunier has also worked in the development of several courses on LCA and sustainable production and regularly participates in graduate students training.


Want to offer a customized version of this training for your organization?

Regular Price

280 $

CAD / person + taxes

Reduced Price

for students and non-profit organizations
280 $

210 $

CAD / person + taxes