Understand, Quantify and Valorize the Water Footprint

This course deals with the water footprint based on life cycle analysis, as defined in the ISO 14 046 standard. The implementation of sustainable water management involves the identification of impacts. of human activity and the determination of possible levers of action: this is the goal of the water footprint. The water footprint quantifies the potential impacts associated with water, both in terms of water quality and quantity.

Training objectives

  • Understand the water footprint potential for LCA
  • Quantify a water footprint using LCA software
  • Valorize and interpret the results

What you'll learn

  • Introduction to the water footprint
  • Methodology advancements
  • Impact of plastics on the oceans
  • Using life cycle assessment (LCA) software
  • Using the water footprint in the context of an environmental footprint of a product
  • Application of the method and case studies
  • Summary of the water footprint

For whom is this training?

  • Managers who wish to deepen their understanding of the strategic role of water footprinting
  • Practitioners who wish to sharpen their skills and practical knowledge of water footprinting

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